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The beauty and gift of plastics is the durability of the carbon chain in the matrix of the polymer. This gives it incredible strength, stability and longevity. The ingenuity mankind has shown over the last 60 years in the technology and application of plastics has been breathtaking. We have learnt to spin and combine chemical compounds to form an intricate array of products that make up 21st century life. Without plastic (or its future equivalent), the world would be a very different place.

Landtopia bags are made using a Non-woven PP, which is extremely strong, lightweight and easy to clean. What really makes Landtopia bags special is the inclusion of an organic additive.  This additive initiates a series of chemical and biological processes when disposed of in a microbe rich landfill environment. When the additive is activated, each bag becomes a colony for microbes who would otherwise find polymers inedible. Once the colonies are established, they feast on the treated material, breaking down and decomposing the rest of the plastic.


Until it reaches appropriate landfill conditions the additive will not activate and there is no loss of properties or tensile strength in plastics treated this way.

The by-products of the biodegradation process depend on the disposal environment, but are non-toxic and some can even be harvested for energy, such as Methane. Other by-products include humus (which can be used to make soil richer) and carbon dioxide.

Landtopia products are independently tested in Australia and validated to show accelerated rates of biodegradation* in treated plastic.